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First of all, thank you for your time visiting our website. It took us a while to launch our travel blog. Before deep diving into our main topic, we would like to say thank you to WebMedia for helping us creating this website. Without you, we would probably still be thinking through where to put info about us, what we can add on FSM website etc… Secondly, thank you to Angela Asante for always crossing your fingers about us… We made it! Last but not least, thank you to Adrian Serban for our logo design and guidance about the graphic on the website.

Why we decided to open a travel blog?

As you know (or may not), we love to travel and we love to share our travel experiences, stories, pictures and videos. On one hand, many people from non-European continents are asking us how Europe is?  On the other hand, Europeans are asking us which city is the best to travel for the first time in the USA? Now instead of answering of each email and sharing our feedback individually, everyone will have a chance to read our posts, watch what we have seen and know our impression on places we visited.

What can you find in your blog?

In our travel blog, you will surely find the adventures of our whole trips, our reviews about places which we have seen, our travel tips and many more for next FlySoulmates people. That being said, we want you to engage with us, so don’t forget to share your feedback in a comment under each post, share our post and spread FlySoulmates around the world.

How often will we post articles?

We will post one article per week and in a meantime between articles, we will post many pictures, videos on our social media channels.

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