Is it possible to run a successful business with your other half?

The answer is YES, if you both share the same passion.

I had been living in Warsaw for 7 years, before I moved to Ireland. Each time, I come back to Warsaw, I like to discover new places. Last time I visited the city I noticed that there are no unique places to eat in the city centre, that opened recently (only kebabs, Asian and vegan restaurants). My friend recommended to me ‘’The Kingdom of WWA – Królestwo WWA’’. Only 10 minutes away from Warsaw main station by tram, this club – restaurant is located in Ochota Theater building. A polish couple, Pawel Lajzol (Member of JWP and Jetlagz Hip-Hop groups) and Jolanta Sauer are the owners of Królestwo WWA. They opened in November 2017 and when I entered the place, I instantly felt a ”good family” local vibe. The bar offers local drinks, fresh juices, many kinds of polish flavored vodka, whiskey, gin and other spirits. The restaurant has many interesting menu options, starters such as: soups, hummus, tatars, sandwiches, main courses (various types of bowls, meatballs, fish, tortillas) and desserts including fruit pies, cakes, polish sweets.

KrólestwoWWA offers a great choice of vegetarian dishes and they also have a special kids menu. I tried the Queen Bowl with hummus vegetables, octopuses, in tomatoes Thai sauce as a starter. What I noticed was that vegetables and fish were fresh (not frozen from a supermarket) and the sauce was delicious. As a main course I had dumplings with cheese – one of my favorite Polish dishes. It’s very easy for me to tell the difference between the home made and frozen dumplings. Those ones for sure were not from a grocery store.

The venue also organizes exhibitions, premieres of video clips, fashion shows and special parties with different kind of music, like Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, Ragga, Jungle, Reggae, Dub Step. In the spring (from May) and summer they organize an open stage and a patio with some live concerts.

This place is for everyone: local people, neighbors (they organize special events like neighbor’s day), students, foreigners (their staff is very friendly and speaks English), children (they have a special kids corner) and finally pets – Królestwo WWA is pet friendly.

I follow this place on social media.I can see that they try out new things – they have added more seasonal menus: every day they have a special deal of the day, happy hours etc. It’s good to check what kind of promotions they offer on a given day and also what kind of event there might be taking place.  Honestly? If you would like to eat in some local place to see the real Warsaw atmosphere go for a drink or organize a small party, this place is definitely for you!

I can’t wait to be back, when I visit Warsaw again. Good Job Pawel & Jola! Thank you for hosting me. I’m happy to see your place growing. I really like your interesting ideas and ways how to attract more customers. I hope to see you again!

My tips prior to your visit to The Kingdom of WWA:

  • I recommend coming by public transport or Uber or Taxi (the area around the venue has a limited parking space).
  • You can come there any time because they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee.
  • You can pay there by cash and card.
  • If you smoke, you can do it outside only.
  • Do you want to book a table? No problem, you just need to call them or send them a message on Facebook.
  • The place is closed on Mondays.

My Score of KrólestwoWWA: 5/5!