One of our friends said: ‘’what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’’, so we decided to go there! Travel time by car was 4 hours via I-15-N and we heard the road was awesome, which didn’t disappoint. You don’t need to pay for tolls and you can stop anytime to take pictures of what seemed to be a never-ending desert.

As soon as we crossed the border between the states California and Nevada, I stopped the car.  The reason why I decided to have a break is because I’ve seen the roller coaster around the Buffalo Bills hotel which looked epic.

Buffalo Bills Resort & Casino

This resort boasts the Desperado Roller Coaster and the Adventure Canyon Log Flume Ride. The hotel offers a seasonal buffalo-shaped outdoor pool and on-site dining. Buffalo Bill’s Casino features 39 table games, live poker, and 1,723 slot machines. Several restaurants, including Miss Ashley’s Boarding House Buffet and Guillermo’s Cantina &Cocina, are located on site.

After filling my phone with pictures, we decided to hit the road and attempt to be in Las Vegas before dark. It’s good also to mention, that our hotel of choice was the famous Hard Rock Café Hotel.

Hotel Hard Rock Café – Las Vegas

Designed having the rock-star lifestyle in mind, Hard Rock Hotel features a 3-acre outdoor pool hosting parties with world-famous acts. It offers the chance to play around at black-jack while swimming at the water edge. Regular concerts that span from the likes of Iggy Pop to Dj Tiesto are held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. This is first one Hard Rock of the worldwide restaurant chain.

When we arrived at the hotel, we decided to visit one of the many bars to enjoy a glass of wine and afterwards we took a quick ‘’nap’’. This nap turned out to be a full night sleep in until 4.30 am until Elodie woke me up and said: ‘’Andrew: Wake up!’’. I answered: ‘’its 4.30am’’, but she replied ‘’ Las Vegas Never Sleeps!’’ My response was: Really? So we decided to venture out which seems crazy for any other city but not here!

Las Vegas by day

After our 5a m breakfast, we decided to go to the casino and play. Who is playing roulette and blackjack that early in the morning? You might be surprised, but not only us. In Black Jack, we lost 100$, but in roulette, we won 200 $, so I was pretty happy with my winnings as I don’t usually gamble. We then decided to visit the downtown which is 5 minutes by car and was easy to find a spot to park.

What we really like about Las Vegas during the day, is fewer people than during a night. This means you can take better pictures and have more freedom to move around from site to site. What really impressed us were replicas of European tourist attractions, such as Little Italy (Venice, Florence and Rome) or Eiffel Tower of Paris.

While you walk around the downtown, you will also meet many superheroes like Spider-Man, Super Man or Chewbacca from Star Wars, which is great if you have kids or if you’re just grown up kids like us. It reminded us of the walk of fame in Hollywood.

After walking around we started to be hungry so we decided to go to Mon Abi Gabi restaurant, located opposite famous Bellagio Hotel. After lunch, we purchased tickets to get on the top of the Eiffel Tower. On the way back we also found a deal to visit 3 parties during 1 night. When we arrived back to our hotel, we just chilled and slowly start getting ready for Saturday night.

Las Vegas by night

This time we took a cab and we got off next to Eiffel Tower (not far away from our meeting point).

As soon we entered inside the building where is a lift to Eiffel Tower, we really felt like in Paris thanks to the decorations. On the way to the lift, you can spot some posters, bridge with lockers etc. You might also know this attraction from movies like 2012, Resident Evil: Extinction or Godzilla.

The view on the top is unbelievable.

From the top, you can enjoy a 360 view over the city and front of the tower you can watch famous fountains show of Bellagio.

You might have spot these fountains in the video clip of Bruno Mars – 24k Magic.

After the spectacular show of lights, music and water, we were ready for clubbing. First, we went to the bar located in the shopping mall (not typical mall, as you can see in the pictures below). We stopped there for few drinks and played Jenga.

Soon after, we headed to Cesar Palace which hosts the Omnia club.

Omnia Club

OMNIA spans a total of 75,000 square feet. The multi-level venue encompasses a seductive ultra-lounge, a high-energy main room and mezzanine, as well as a breath taking rooftop garden, showcasing panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip. Voted “Best Visual Extravaganza” by Vegas Seven; “Best New Nightclub” by Las Vegas Review Journal; and 2015’s “Best New Nightclub” in Vegas Magazine Awards.

The club have 3 parts inside. The main Room features multiple layers, an expansive dance floor, antique mirrors, and seats of rich leather – all underneath a gigantic kinetic LED chandelier that ascends, descends, morphs and transforms to the beat of the night.Heart of OMNIA – Slipping into the ultra-lounge is like discovering your detour is a destination in and of itself. Explore antique brass, mirror panels, embossed vinyls and rich draping velvets – with tech-forward LED panels integrated throughout for an ever-evolving scene.

Terrace – Overlooking the action of the famed Las Vegas Strip, the outdoor terrace transports guests to the splendour of an outdoor escape with a splash of technological marvel. Open air commingles with modern luxury, with inset lighting in glass floor tiles pulsing to the beat from the LED-laced DJ booth. Here we really enjoyed stay in Heart of Omnia and outside terrace, where we had an amazing view and good music.

The next club which we visited after 3am was Drai’s Club.

Drai’s Club

The home of live nightlife entertainment on The Strip, Drai’s is a dazzling, multi-level rooftop hotspot boasting more than 25,000 sq. feet of plush offerings, including two full-service bars, more than 75 luxurious bottle service tables, and fingertip access to the world’s most celebrated DJs and chart-topping resident performers through the Drai’s LIVE concert series. Complementing an expansive dance floor, Drai’s Nightclub immerses guests into the ultimate nightlife experience with more than 7,000-sq. feet of LED video screens, 1,700 sq. feet of cutting-edge LED lighting systems, and a towering 80-sided LED disco ball – the only one of its kind.

This time we had a pool party (at night). Each guest who enters the club receives a Drai’s bag to put their own belongings. It was our first experience and for sure we will remember this for a long time. We really enjoyed the music while chilling in the pool. We came back to the hotel around 7am. Is Las Vegas really a crazy city? Our answer is yes. You have a lot of activities, many restaurants, cinemas, zip lines, clubs, places to organise stag and hen parties etc. We would call Las Vegas a Disneyland for adults. If you really feel the flow, you can even get married and the priest could be Elvis Presley or Chewbacca depending on your taste… No judgement!

We didn’t do that, but, if you know someone who got married in Las Vegas, please let us know and we will invite him to write about his experience and we will share on our Blog!

Travel Tips:

–    If you would like to watch Bellagio Fountains from 46th floor of Eiffel Tower, we recommend you to book the ticket in advance (there is a huge queue especially during evening and limited space).

–    If you would like to go to several clubs, talk with the local sellers like crawl tour as they sell group tickets. You will save a money and time in the queue to the venues (you can negotiate the price with them).