Australia was on our bucket list, even before we thought about launching FlySoulmates. I remember when we moved to our apartment in Dublin, we wrote a list of the countries we would you like to visit together. Australia was on number one destination on our list. We were searching  for the tickets everyday, to find good deals from Dublin and finally we found a promotion 9 months before the D-Day! When we booked and saw our itinerary on the paper, a question popped into our minds: Are we going to survive?

You may probably think: Did we book tickets from blacklisted airlines? Our answer is: No, we bought 2 return tickets with several lay overs;  from Dublin to London, London to Dubai, Dubai to Bandar Seri Begawan, Bandar Seri Begawan to Melbourne. Summary: 3 continents, 4 flights, 4 countries, 4 different time zones and 24 hours in the air!

You can imagine that to manage several flights in a row, you need to prepare your body, mind and travel essentials.  Three months before we took a training workout, which include stretching, cardio and down part body exercises. Apart from two big suitcases,  we prepared 2 hand luggage, in which we packed 2 pairs of flip laps, tooth pastes, tooth brushes, power chargers, gimbals, cameras, travel pillows, hoodies etc. Before we took our flight we did our e-tourist visas (you can apply online for free) and we were ready to go.

Let’s start our journey!

We took our first flight on Saturday morning to London.

Nothing crazy, as it was only 1 hour away from . After we arrived to the terminal in Heathrow we left our main luggage and we hit the city. We took the subway and we went to Camden Town. This part of London is really special, no matter if is rainy, sunny or windy.

We walked around for few hours, had lunch and we came back to the airport to pick up our suitcases and it was time to check in. As usual, during this process, I had a problem with my polish surname. Guys, what can I do?

How many times I need to explain, that in the English alphabet,  the letter “ś” doesn’t exist and  the system doesn’t accept my application, that’s why I write “s” instead of “ś”!  After 10 minutes of question, they finally let me go, we passed security gates and off we went to Dubai!

Hello from Dubai Airport,

Our second stop was in Dubai. I never visited this city, but Elodie had a chance to visit UAE. If you are curious of her impression about this place, click HERE to check her post. Soon after we landed and  walked around in the airport, I spotted few things:  Rolex watches on the walls, men and women in arabic outfits, modern shops with expensive jewelry, restaurants and souvenir shops around.

Too bad we had only 3 hours break and we couldn’t get out of the airport. During our break, we had opportunity to stretch our legs, walk around, take few video shoots and talk with people.

It was enough time to take a rest and charge our batteries for the next flight. In the third plane, we slept like babies and we woke up in the evening in Brunei.

Good Evening Bandar Seri Begawan,

Imagine: You wake up during evening in the country where you never have been before, have only 4 hours to discover, what would you do? We chose: let’s try some local food, after going out from the plane, we went to check local food at the airport. It was very easy to find food corner, so we took our table and we started studying menu. 10 minutes later we made our decision, Elodie picked Ambuyat (sticky ball of flavour less sago starch wrapped in a bamboo fork and dipped in sour fruit sauce) and I chose Beef Rendang (slow cooked beef in lemongrass and coconut sauce).

Both dishes were very delicious and reminded us a little bit of Asian cousin, but tasted not like Japanese, Chinese or Thai. There is something special there. For sure this stop inspired us to visit this country and ad Brunei to our bucket list. After our dinner, we needed to run to the plane to catch our last flight to reach our final destination.

The dinner put us in sleepy mood, that’s good, because we were about to discover a new continent.

Good Morning Melbourne!

What a great feeling! when you wake up in a new continent and you reached your final destination… You have a lot of energy, and you can’t wait to get out from the airport and to discover the city.

We had this feeling, but before you leaving the airport, we had several procedures to complete, such as filling out the immigration paper, go to immigration office, talk to them, collect the luggage and go. Looks very simple, but not for guys, who hold a polish passport like me. Elodie with her bio-metric passport went through the automatic gates, but for me, I went to another direction, to the immigration desk.

While I was waiting in the queue, an immigration officer approached me  to ask few questions:  “where are you from?  why did you take 4 flights?”.. etc (nice beginning). Once I arrived to the officer desk, I needed to answer other questions : “where are you going? where are you staying in Melbourne? why  are you flying from Ireland, when you have Polish passport? Do you have some family in Australia?”. 5 minutes after he let me go, but right beside the immigration office, another officer in  civil outfit stopped me to ask where my wife was (in the end she needed to confirm that I am her husband) as I told to the officer, that I arrived with Elodie. I have no idea how both officers communicated between each other, this is one big question mark for me until today. Imagine what would it be, if Elodie told one of these gyus : I don’t know this guy 🙂 (she jokes about doing that sometimes lol).

Finally, we collected the suitcases  and grabbed a cab to head to our apartment.

How do we like the Melbourne? Part 2 soon, so stay tuned ;).

Few people asked us for advice how to manage long flights. Let me tell you:

  • Drink a lot water during flights
  • Try sleep as much as you can, if you have seat next to you take and try sleep on both
  • If you can’t sleep listen calm music (usually you have music sets in airplane chairs)
  • After few hours move your feet around

If you have more advises and ideas how to survive the flights, leave a comment below.