Lemon Tree is located in historic old town of Palma (3 minutes walk from Mayor Plaza) and exists since 2015. Before I entered the place, I spotted this big face of Bob Marley on the vitrine. When I got inside I saw beautiful decorations like: Lemon trees around, local artist’s paintings, playground area and kids zone. I also noticed that the music was not too loud and songs were not the best of tourist hits for 2018.

After few minutes, I got my table and looked into the menu.

Before ordering, I checked on their Instagram page and saw some posts showing that they won Battle of the Burger.

Quite impressive! So I got curious of this winner vegan burger and how its being called. The winner burger was called Emperador Vegano which is made with quinoa, chickpeas, potatoes and spinach, fried in breadcrumbs. In the middle, they added vegan tartar sauce, vegan cheese, red onion and tomato.

Alright, are there many vegetarian and vegan burgers? I’ve seen that the place has several choices of Vegan Burgers and Vegan options (like in The Kingdom of WWA – Krolestwo WWA in Poland). Great choice as I was with my friend Peter who is vegatarian and he could give me a honest opinion about it. I ordered the Burger Cabrita (goat’s cheese, caramelized onion, mustard and honey sauce and mesclun) and Peter ordered Vegan Mexicana (guacamole, jalapeño, salsa pesto, black beans). Also, we both ordered sweet potatoes and our order came in before we finish our first drink.

The burgers were inside a newspaper like legendary fish & chips from Howth. What both we noticed in our burgers was that the bread does not fall apart. The sauces were aside, so it didn’t spread on our hands. Each sauce was different and these are homemade. To be honest, when I’m in Spain I don’t trust burger places (usually nothing special), but this time we were surprised. It was delicious!! When we ordered second Cerveza (glass of beer), the owner came to us and she shared us few interesting facts about the food and the events that she organizes here.

The burger meat is coming from local butcher and all ingredients are from local farmers. Chef of the kitchen is also local from Andalusia and he is in charge of the menu. All sauces are homemade to each burger and are different. Lemon Tree has several burgers: meat, vegan, vegetarian and fish and all are gluten free. You probably think what else can you eat, if you are not in to burgers? Let me tell you, there is a choice of homemade nachos (made on mexican machines) like vegan or sobrado. Also, if you want typical Spanish dishes, you can order homemade tapas: Mallorcan Pa Amb Oli (bread with grated tomato and typical local meats or cheese).

You have also an option to try local beer Rosa Blanca. It’s good to visit this place during the week. On Tuesdays, they have a deal called “Ruta Martiana” – Tapas + 1 beer only 2.50 EUR. On Friday evenings, there’s a special deal – Bucket of 6 Beers for 5.50 EUR. If you would like to meet foreigners who lives in Mallorca, you can also join the Friday International Meetings – networking.

From time to time, Lemon Tree also organizes polish night (one of the owners is Polish) for all spanish community. This event promotes polish culture and have special menu with polish food (homemade) and drinks. They also organize exhibition of local arts.

You can get more details about the events, on their website or facebook page. If you want to feel the local vibes without any fake tourist spirit, this place is for you for sure. Next time, I plan is to visit this place again with Elodie and try spanish tapas.

Helpful info about the place:

  • If you are coming by car, you can park your car on the street, next to the Lemon Tree, but if you don’t find a spot, you can park at Avinguda De Gabriel Alomar
  • The place works with Grovo App (Spanish version of Uber Eats), so you can order food online
  • You can pay there by cash and card
  • The place also accepts bookings for groups
  • Lemon Tree is open every day from 7 pm, so don’t come before 7  :))

My Score of Lemon Tree: 5/5!