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It’s been a while since our last post, we know guys, it has been super busy and lots of travels. Well, there are several good aspects to this. The first one being that we’ve missed so much that we are so excited to share this post with you! The second one is that we are hardly working in the background to share our last crazy experiences from San Francisco and Madagascar… Yep you read me well, and lastly, it is not over cause what’s coming next only gets better, so stay tuned!!

In this post, we really wanted to take the time to reflect on the latest experience we had this summer cause I don’t know about you but 2018 has been full of achievements for which we are so thankful…and it’s not over. In July, our dear friend Angela Asante who is working as a sport journalist in Ghana went to Russia to cover the FIFA World Cup following the gorgeous Cristiano Ronaldo through her website CRD7!

How cool is  that to go for such a big event in an unknown country for 36 days??!  Angela will tell how she felt all along the experience, here she goes :

“Before embarking on my FIFA World Cup trip to Russia as an accredited reporter, it had been quite a while since I had last traveled. Just over two years, to be precise. When you don’t travel for such a period of time, things can get a bit rusty. It’s easy, also, to fear the tiring routine of having to change rooms, commute, and catch flights every other day throughout a determined period. All these had me overwhelmed as I looked ahead to spending 36 days in the country of the FIFA World Cup hosts. Putting together a very detailed schedule helped me manage the stress and avoid unnecessary problems due to forgetfulness.

Every night, when I check my document, I know exactly what awaits me the following day. When you’re on a trip as eventful as this one, and with no personal assistant by your side, you definitely need to know what you’re up to or you’ll find yourself wondering how time flew by or how you missed certain things due to being overly busy.

The key here is to be organized. Speaking of which, prior to even preparing my detailed program, I had the privilege to have my basic travel plans organised by FlySoulmates. I’m not ashamed to say I freeze at the thought of having to search and book hotels, figuring out how my destination country functions, etc. With Elodie and Andrew of FlySoulmates, travel tips and accommodation research were vital. Soon after FIFA approved my media accreditation request to cover Russia 2018, FSM took me by the hand and got down to business with me.

I filled a questionnaire which brightened my own vision of what I aimed to experience in the cities I expected to visit; that is, Sochi, Moscow and Saransk. Some of the handy tips Elodie offered me included downloading Yandex and not changing my US Dollars at the airport but rather at any bank, upon landing in Sochi. After erring in the streets, I found a Moneygram stand not too far from my hostel. I was able to exchange dollars for rubles at a very good rate. Usually, when I travel, accommodation logistics are taken care of by the organisation flying me there. This time, the responsibility fell on me but FlySoulmates thankfully took a lot off my shoulders by looking up the best options . I’m most grateful to FSM for personalised to my requirements, helping me realize that you can spend 36 comfortable days in Russia on a relatively reasonable budget”

The thing Angie loves the most is by far the food. She is a real foodie from deep down her soul!  Here are the best russian food she tried:

  1. Beef Plov
Beef Plov, also called Russian Rice Pilaf, tastes a lot like Ghanaian Jollof rice. The main differences to note between Plov and Jollof are the use of carrots, the absence of spicy pepper, and the softness of the rice. Russian plov literally melts in the mouth. It’s a hearty meal. Grouped with a plate of veggies and a cooked rabbit with a free cup of hot water with lemon, this platter costs less than 500 rubles ($7.28) at Seli Poyeli inside the Melodyia Mall in Sochi. Affordable lunch option! 

2. Churchkhela candies 

Have you tried Churchkhela before? It’s a Georgian candy that is popularly sold in groceries stores in Russia. Arguably the best place to get yours is at the “Tasty Souvenirs” (Vkusnyye suveniry) shop on Primorskaya street as you walk along the beach in Sochi. It’s made of nuts wrapped in flour and grape must and then dipped into juice before getting hanged to dry like sausages. Neither bitter nor too sweet, Churchkhela is a treat that both adults and children can enjoy as it comes in different flavors: pistachio, caramel, chocolate, you name it! Also at “Tasty Souvenirs”, dried fruits are some of the most demanded items besides the variety of cakes, herbs, and spices available at the shop.

3. Armenian Food  

During my stay, I was lucky enough to stay with an amazing armenian family that made me try so much good food.  They were so proud of their cuisine and I can only say that it was so tasteful. Who wants to try ?? :p

Finally, this experience was also about the people I met in my path, I will never forget the kindness of these people and the connection that I felt during this event. It is truly an experience unforgettable that made me eager to travel even more!

FlySoulmates be ready to organize many other trips!

Guys,  hope you liked this article, don’t hesitate to share your feedback on the comment section below! If you want to know more about Angela’s trip, don’t hesitate to follow her on Facebook and Instagram !

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