September and October were really busy for us. I went to Mallorca to give a review of Lemon Tree restaurant, Elodie worked on our video from the Caribana Festival and we went to Madagascar for 2 weeks (we will post about this trip in due course). Before our journey to Madagascar, my current employer sent me to San Francisco for a business trip. At this stage, we had visited San Francisco twice. Firstly, during our West Coast trip of US (find out more about this journey here), secondly, when we stopped there on the way to Hawaii.

So, how much did San Francisco appealed to me? To be  quite honest, I wasn’t that impressed. I enjoyed other cities in the US much more than San Fransisco. However, this time, I visited the city for one week and the trip completely changed my point of view. All thanks to my boss for sending me there. After publishing our teaser from this trip on our Instagram channel, I immediately received an email from one of our followers asking advice on what to see and do in San Francisco over the time-frame of a day!

I found the idea quite interesting and decided to make a list of the top 6 things to do. Are you curious to know what I chose? Check out my top selected activities:

  1. Grab a drink and enjoy the landscape of San Francisco in the morning from Twin Peaks view point.

If you arrive to the US from a different continent and you obviously can’t sleep around 4 am, my advice is to take a shower, go out,  grab a drink and take a cab to Twin Peaks to enjoy the majestic sunset. From this viewpoint you can see the panorama of the port, the city, golden bridge and mountains. Definitely a moment of joy and peace!  You might be surprised but many locals are coming there (especially during the weekends) to watch the sunset and  get some positive energy for rest of the day. Is it worth it to get there that early, I guess you might wonder? Check the pictures below. When you decide to get down to the city you can ask local person for a lift (this is what I did). This won’t be an issue, just ask 🙂

  1. Get your breakfast at the Castro.

This is a LGBT neighbourhood, not far from Twin Pix (it takes only 5 minutes drive). You have several breakfast places where everyone can find something for themselves. There is also an opportunity to walk around and discover the neighbourhood, there is really good vibe in the air. It is not busy in the morning so you can take some nice pictures with no crowd in the background.

  1. Find the real house from Full house and enjoy picnic at Painted Ladies.

Many people from US and Europe know the american TV show “Full House’’. I watched this comedy during my childhood with my sister. If you don’t know or don’t remember it, check link below.

Did you know that Olsen’s twins  made their first appearance in this show? I completely forgot about that. When I arrived at the hotel, I googled to get more info about the house location and I found out that it used to be a museum few years ago. The name was “Full House museum’’ and it was inside the house. Also, during my research, I read that the house has been sold and the new owner wants to rebuild the building (this information has been published in September this year). The news convinced me to visit this place ASAP. I ordered a taxi and went there right away. When I arrived, a few tourists were there and we’re taking some pictures. I’ve noticed that the new owner put already some walls around.

Thank God that he didn’t start to rebuild the house. Second thing that I spotted was that there was no front yard like in the intro above. Meanwhile I stopped some local guy and asked him where are the houses with the park in the front. It’s a different full house or is there more ‘’Full Houses’’ I wondered? So, the scenes from the stairs and from inside the house have been recorded here but the park with the houses of their neighbours are located 5 blocks away. The place is call “painted ladies”. After the answer of this helpful guy I went there to see houses and the park.

This place is really good for picnic. Too bad that I arrived in the afternoon and it wasn’t a picnic weather. The views inspired me to watch the Full House again so definitely you should go there and discover both places, if you were fan of the comedy.

  1. Walk at Haight Asbruy.

If you like hipster areas like Camden Town in London or graffiti walls in Melbourne district, you would love this place. The area has several shops with organic food, unique street wear fashion, vintage shops with record vinyls and more (If you like record stores, check post about vinyl shop at Kenyatta Market in Nairobi). Here you can also find smoke shops (remember, that state California legalised cannabis), restaurants with food from around the world and local musicians. During evening you have also jam session in the pubs. Don’t forget to wear a flower in your hair…

  1. Take a selfie at the Golden Gate Bridge.

This one is the most popular attraction even before Alcatraz. What is really good is that you have several options to enjoy the bridge. You can rent a bike and cycle on the bridge, you can drive, boat cruise or you can fly over by airplane or helicopter and there no way to get a bad selfie. All valid options! You can also choose to be classic and just walk around lol. I took the last option. If you want to take a nice picture without many tourists, you can get down next to visitor center, turn left, and you will find spot with little or no people around and you can catch the perfect photograph. What is really funny is that the same bridge exists in Lisbon! Exactly the same construction and colour (I had a chance to see the bridge 8 years ago). The Golden Gate bridge has been built in 1937. In this case Californian bridge was built before the portuguese bridge in 1966. Every day over 112.000 vehicles crosse the bridge. 

  1. Enjoy food at China Town district.

As you know me and Elodie are fans of asian food (You should remember that from our post Trip to Australia). China Town is located not far away from downtown of San Francisco. You can get there by public transport or you can take a cab.

Probably in your mind you must wonder how to recognise good asian restaurant. This is an easy answer. Check if in inside the place where you want to eat are many Asians. This technique always works. This time I tried Japanese sushi. It was the best in town (according to google reviews) where they make the sushi in front of you. For sure it was a unique experience.

This is in my opinion the top things to do in one day in the city of North California.

Thank you, my current employer, for sending me for a business trip. Each time when I travel I learn new things. This time I learnt to give a second try with a fresh mind to a place I already visited. There are several things that will make you enjoy a place, such as the weather, people around, undiscovered areas. Give yourself a second chance to change your mind. I gave and it was worth it! In the list above, you can add Cable Car, Pier of Alcatraz but for that you need to have more time. If you think that I missed some places or you would remove something from the list and swap for better attraction in your opinion, feel free to leave a comment below.

Travel Tips:

  1. Travel between attractions. If you are more than 2 persons, take an Uber. It will cost the same as a public transport but it saves your time and you won’t miss the bus.
  2. If you want to go to painted ladies and is nice weather, grab some lunch and eat on the grass.
  3. To see the Golden Gate Bridge in a less touristy time, I recommend to go there later in the afternoon.
  4. If you are looking for budget accommodation, I strongly recommend you to use AirBnb. Unfortunately, hotels are expensive in San Francisco.