If you are following us since our first post, you probably remember how Elodie arrived to Ireland in post “The Purpose of Travel” (link to the post HERE). Also, in the post I promised to share the story of how I ended up in Dublin. On 26th of November, I had an Irish naturalisation ceremony in Killarney (I still can’t believe that I lived on the green island for more than 5 years now). On the way back to Dublin, I decided to share with you my story of how and when I decide to move here. So, let’s start from the beginning.

Let’s get back to the time when I was student. Already eager to travel the world, I studied Tourism and Hospitality at The Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in my hometown Gdansk.

During my studies, I met friend of mine who traveled to Ireland. He worked for a company that delivers phone books from summer till autumn every year. At this time, when he worked on the green island, I worked in Germany. In 2006 I lived in Bavaria (it was an amazing experience to live there during the World Cup). In 2007 I lived in north-east part of Germany, in 2008 in south-west part  and then in 2009 in north-west part. The good thing about of living in different region of the country was that I could travel around during my days off, discover new places and practice my german  (I learnt german before english, but about that, I’ll write later).

Because I didn’t like my last job in Germany, I decided to spend the full summer in Poland (I didn’t have proper holidays since I started the university). It was 14th of July 2010, my friend from my university contacted me and asked me: “Hey Andrew, I heard, that you are not working in Germany this season. Would you like to go with me to Ireland? The company where I work is currently hiring”. I answered him: “What? Why? There is nothing there (this is what I heard from my colleagues, who visited this country), I don’t speak english (I learnt english here). Then he told me: ‘’Andrew, I don’t need your english, I need your logistics and people skills. Your responsibility will be to plan how to deliver phone books to a list of companies and manage team of 3 people’’. I answered him: “alright, give me 2 days and I need to think about it”. Next day I rang him back and I said YES!

This trip to the Green Island completely changed my opinion about Republic of Ireland, like 360 degrees. I visited 34 cities in Ireland, 24 cites of Northern Ireland (this part belongs to UK) and the accommodation was paid by my employer. It was an amazing  job so I decided to come back in summer 2011 and 2012.

After I received my last paycheck in 2012, I decided to go back to Poland, but only for Christmas break and to come back to Ireland. But before I got to there, I visited Paris, Ibiza and Lisbon (it was a long way back to Poland).

I came back to Dublin on 6th of January 2013. Unfortunately, it was the worst period ever, because the recession was still very present, many companies closed down, people didn’t spend money and it was hard to find a job as the market was very slow.

I didn’t have any accommodation, job and I had only 100 euro in my pocket…I couldn’t find a full-time job during 3 months on the Irish land. How I survived?  I had several temporary jobs like shop assistant, polish & german tutor in college, waiter. Sometimes I worked only 1 time per week for 2 hours, sometimes 2 times for 4 hours, so I wasn’t able to pay my bills. It was really difficult time for me. Finally, after Easter break, I got my first full-time job, as store supervisor. Since then, I changed jobs several times until where are I’m right now. In February this year I applied for the irish citizenship.

For Europeans the procedure is easier, rather than non-Europeans. To apply for the irish citizenship, you need to live and also to prove that you live here for at least 5 years. What you need to know about the application, as a traveler, that they keep your current passport for 3 weeks. Remember don’t apply before your trip. I almost cancelled our trip to Australia, because I was scared, that my passport wouldn’t arrive on time (in the end my passport arrived 2 days before our trip). The last part of your application is the irish naturalisation ceremony.

The ceremony was in Convention Centre in Killarney (County Kerry). The ceremony had 3 parts, concert of the irish military band, speeches of Minister and Judge and in the end of the ceremonial swearing. During the whole event, I replayed in my mind a lot of memories from first day since I arrived to Ireland until now. From the funniest part to truly difficult situations and good times. I can not even explain that feeling. I think the only person who would understand that is someone who applied in the past or will apply to the citizenship.

In the end, it was worth to leave everything in Poland to come here and apply for second  citizenship. Of course, not only because of travel. If you live in one place, pay taxes and planning to stay here, you should do that. Ireland gave me a lot, language education and developed my travel spirit.

Also remember one of the quotes of Mark Twain.

‘’Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover!’’

If you applied to the irish citizenship before and you had the ceremony in different city, feel free to share your experience.

If you have any questions about how to apply for the irish citizenship, don’t hesitate to leave a question in comment section. I’ll be delighted to answer.

Cheers Pals!