Hi Guys!

First of all we would like to wish you Happy New Year! We came back to Dublin 7 days ago and we weren’t able to post during Christmas break. It was really a good year for us. In march 2018, we launched our website FlySoulmates with social media channels and we published over 28 posts, over 7 travel videos on our YouTube channel, 101 pictures and videos on our Instagram. Cherry on the cake, our blog has been nominated for Liebster Award – Discover new blog 2018.

We hosted a vlogger from London and we helped him in recording his Vlog about Dublin. On top of that we organized private tours for our clients (one of our customer’s requests was a trip to Russia for the World Cup).

Also, last year we participated to travel events organised by the Embassy of Barbados, Embassy of Czech Republic and Tourism Ireland. We would like to say big thank you to you guys! Your support (each like, share, comment, engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) means a lot to us! It was pleasure to share our experience with you!

Are you curious where we traveled in 2018 and how many times we went abroad? Let us share with you our last year’s trips. In January we went to Madrid (Spain). In February we visited Gdańsk (Poland), Rome (Italy) – our post, Dubai (UAE) – check our post. In March we went to London and to Melbourne (Australia), where we made a road trip to Sydney – Posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

In April, we visited Bruges (Belgium), Paris (France). In May we went to Warsaw (Poland) and to Waterloo (Belgium).

In June we decided to stay in Ireland and we made trip to Connemara – Post Here. In July we went to Brighton (UK). In August we went to Toronto, where we attended Caribana Festival.

Our next trip in November was trip to Carcassone (France) and to Montpellier for the Battle of the Year World Finals (video from there soon). Do you think that’s all trips in the month? Nope our next trip was to Budapest (Hungary). Finally, the last journey in November was to Killarney, where Andrew got the Irish Citizenship.

In December we flew to Krakow (for IDA World Finals), where we had the opportunity to meet Dj K Swizz from New Zealand and the Australian Beat Boxer Tum Thum (You might know him from TEDx Talks).

By the way, you can find FlySoulmates sticker in the IDA 2018 promo video.

A lot of people asked us where we are flew for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The answer is we went to Miami (USA), where we had the opportunity to enjoy Florida’s sunshine, hang out with locals and celebrate Christmas in flip flops, tee shirt and short. On top of that of course, we swam there (video coming soon).

What about NYE? We celebrated in an unusual style. At midnight in Ireland, we were skydiving and in the evening in Miami, we went to a club.

You are probably wondering how many trips we took, how many countries we’ve visited in 2018 and how we traveled? Last year we made 24 trips, we visited 11 countries and 3 continents. We used transportations like plane, bus, car, boat, bicycle, tuk-tuk. What are our plans for first 3 months of 2019? Our plan is  to publish all videos from last year, posts about Madagascar, Hawaii in the next two months. On top of that we are working on special FlySoulmates secret project which you will know more about soon.

Hoping to be able to share that with you at FlySoulmates anniversary.

Stay tuned!

Ps. How did you celebrate NYE? Share your experience in comment below.