Hey Guys,

Hope all is well with you, this is the beginning of the year and I hope you take this time to reflect on your goals for this year. We love to take this time of the year to look back at the accomplishment made (for those who haven’t checked our last article, we’ve reflected on our crazy year in 2018 just right here).

It makes us feel good and boost us to start the year on the good foot :). Well, since we published our last article, where we shared that we visited 3 continents,  11 countries  in 24 trips, and countless hours of road trips!  Plus, cherry on the cake, the experience of skydiving on December 31st, we must have to admit that we like to live to the fullest! Being a travel blogger is an activity that requires us to be always on the move, to travel everywhere by any means, planes, bus, car motorbikes, cruise …etc. and to practice extreme activities where the risk is always present.
It is true that since we launched FlySoulmates we have the feeling that we are pushing our boundaries and that we are facing our fears! Gosh this adrenaline, I guess this is mostly the reason why we like it.This life comes with all the good and the risks as well. But to be sure to be properly to face all the risks for a trip. Being aware that an accident can occur at any time is key to a good preparation. Well, to live fearless life, we decided to prepare for the worst.

Let’s imagine, one second, that you are going to ski or snowboard and that when you are going down from the heel of the mountain, you suddenly fall and get injured. Or you are going to hike on the top of Mont Blanc and you break your leg. This is can happen if you in a small island in Indian Ocean and you need to be repatriate to the closest hospital in the main land.  In all these situations, you will need air medical service. Most of the time, a helicopter will be sent to locate you first and this is saving precious time in case of your life is in danger. You need to be aware that not all travel insurances are providing the option of medical air services, so called “air ambulance” and this is the reason why it is great to be fully aware of these emergencies services.

First of all, we are insured for any trip all around the world and recently we came across medical repatriation through Medical Air service.This has been such a relief to be able to find a medical service that was able to support us in any turmoil situation. Medical Air Service is a specialist of medical expatriation.
They can either help to transport anyone from the hospital to the airport or take care of our full repatriation anywhere in the world regardless of your insurance coverage!
This is quite awesome to have such a service as the team speaks more than 10 languages German, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch and four Arabic dialects to be able to communicate and  help anyone in every part of the world.
I mean this is something that Andrew and I gave to our family so that they know that we can be taken care of at any time in the event of an accident.

So here you have our secret on how we became fearful explorer! A good insurance and some handy emergency medical service such as Medical Air Service that can help you abroad and bring you back home from anywhere at any time.

Thank god nothing happened to us. We are curious of your experience. Have you ever used air service while travelling abroad? Let us know what is your opinion about this topic.

Peace & Love! x