Six months ago, we published our first post about Italy Let’s plan a trip to Rome.  Few of our followers asked us to write more about Italy and share how to prepare the trip.

If you’re planning an immersive holiday that lets you dive through the history of civilisation, Italy is the place to visit. Why Italy? Because anybody who’s read the Asterix comic books knows that it’s the birthplace of the Roman Empire. As the Empire spreads through Europe and North Africa, you can be sure that you’ll recognise a lot of structures, patterns and organisations. It’ fair to say that everybody has once seen images of a colosseum, even if it was only in a gladiator movie.

In Italy, you can still see the real thing, in the city center of Rome – although, to be fair, you can find similar structures in Europe, including in the south of France, but none is as iconic of the one in Rome.

Aside from being the most famous site of the Roman Empire, Italy, offers a vibrant journey through history. The Renaissance started in Italy, and you can’t fail to spot statues and buildings in any town you visit that bear the representative symbols of the Enlightenment Era. There’s something fascinating about the Italian culture; it’s as you could walk through a history book.

You will need travel insurance and re-assurance

First of all, regardless of how charming Italy might be, you need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Indeed, always bring copies of everything, including your hotel confirmation and other internal travel plans, as you might need those to check in. Additionally, while Italy is typically a safe country, you might want to consider your health requirement. Indeed, it’s easy to be tempted by a small scooter for hire for the afternoon and injure yourself. The Italian road system can be confusing to tourists! Besides, as some roads are narrow, you might be involved in an accident. Do make sure to take health insurance cover before you go!

Italy is a country filled with history

History is at every street corner in Italy! If you want to make the most of it, it’s a good idea to book a tour ahead, such as the Civitavecchia tours which can take you through Pompeii, Rome, and even Orvieto – a small town on a volcanic tuff formation.

Most sites are typically accessible through tourist coaches or rented vehicles; booking your own tour can not only ensure a free seat but also a comfortable and informative journey. You might even ask your tour planner to book a table at a typical Italian restaurant, which lets you avoid the tourist traps!

When in doubt, follow the locals

Last, but not least, it’s a good idea to try to copy the locals as much as possible. Italy is a highly popular destination for tourists. Embracing the local culture and lifestyle can not only make sure that you get to discover the real side of the country, but it also keeps your costs low. Indeed, you don’t have to pay tourist prices when you visit local restaurants and markets. However, you’ll find it easier to know a few words of Italian to get by. It’s the price to pay if you want to enjoy Italy without a sea of tourists!

If you’re ready for a journey into the past, Italy is the place to visit; from Roman rulers to Renaissance painters, there is a lot to discover. More importantly, it often feels like walking through the history of humanity. Most towns continue to offer a direct insight into the simple way of life.

What about you Guys? Have you ever been in Italy? Let us know your experience and feel free to share your tips in comments below.