Hello Fly Family,

One week ago we came back from Indonesia.  We had amazing time in Bali and West Java. At the moment we are working on the posts and videos there. Before we gonna publish the post, we would like bring you to the county next to New Delhi, Nepal and Pakistan.

It is said that a change in latitude can help you regain your attitude. True to this saying, forest resorts provide a great means to withdraw yourself from the chaotic jumble of bustling city life. So, be it for a while, just slip in a slumber of relief and when you wake up, you’ll land down in the embrace of nature. But before that, here’s a list of ten of the best forest resorts in India.

 1.   Corbett Hideaway, Uttaranchal

Situated in Zero Garjia near Dhikuli Village, Corbett Highway is one of the best leisure resorts known in Jim Corbett National Park. Perched in the Corbett wilderness, the resort is surrounded by Kosi River. It offers a wide range of choices for cottages including Deluxe, Superior, Suite and Family.

2. Baghvan Jungle Lodge, Madhya Pradesh

If your next vacation is planned for Pench National Park, there’s not a better hideaway than Baghvan Jungle Lodge. Exotic birdlife, sandy nullahs, spa oil massages and romantic rooftop machans will make you want to experience this trip more than once.

3. Aman-I-Khas Resort, Rajasthan

Even a royal treatment would precede the hospitality you’d experience at Aman-I-Khas located in Ranthambore National Park. Their air conditioned tents featuring cotton draperies are reminiscent of Mughal era.

4. Wayanad Silverwoods, Kerala

Nestling in the Banasura river with a foggy backdrop of Banasura mountains, Wayanad Silverwoods is just perfect for solo travellers. And if you want to explore the local wildlife, a few kilometres up north you have Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve where you can have the company of tigers, peafowl, deer and elephants.

5. Oberoi Vanyavilas, Rajasthan

The moment you step in your caravan cottage in Oberoi Vanyavilas, the default image of a forest dissolves in it right away. Few minutes away is a walk to Ranthambore National Park and luxury, of course it’s beyond wonder. And why wouldn’t it be so. After all, Oberoi Resorts are not counted as Number one for no reason.

6. Kanha Earth Lodge, Madhya Pradesh

Not only the tigers in Kanha Tiger Reserve but also the hospitality of Kanha Earth Lodge will leave you with a 100-fold experience you’ll cherish in memories forever. Well-furnished terracotta cottages with traditional Gond architecture and timber beams give a solemnly feel to the entire resort setting.

7.   Maneland Jungle Lodge, Gujarat

Not everyone gets to see an Asiatic Lion in one’s life. But you can, when you look out of the window of your landscaped rooms in this lodge surrounded by lush greens of Gir Forest. The lodge receives thousands of visitors annually.

8. Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge, Madhya Pradesh

If you haven’t travelled an Indian village, here’s your chance to experience the village life. Located at a walking distance from Bandhavgarh National Park, the lodge is equipped with 13 independent cottages and 8 villas. The black grey stone floor holds a dining room with Indian and Continental cuisines.

9. Tuli Tiger Corridor Resort, Madhya Pradesh

Tiger Corridor is a child resort of Tuli Tiger Resort located in the buffer zone of Kanha National Park. The resort accommodates cemented tents fully furnished with bath, bed, television, DVD player and even a mini bar.

10. Tuskers Den Forest Resort, West Bengal

Being the largest budget resort in Lataguri, Tuskers Den Forest remains packed almost at all times of the year. The rooms in it are a perfect blend of minimal furnishing, simplistic charm and rich natural habitat.

Up above, we’ve listed some of the best forest resorts in the country. However, the real experience is far beyond these words, which you can experience only after an actual stay there. So, we’ve told you about wildlife, about the natural greens and about luxury amidst the greens; now rest we leave for you to see.

Have you ever visited one of the resorts ? Let Us know your experience in the comment section.