Hi Guys, 

Hope you are spending an amazing summer wherever you are in the world. As you know, summer is being very rewarding for us. So far we have been in Austria, Poland, our long waited trip to Indonesia. We always wanted to go to South East Asia as it happens that Madagascar shares deep root with Indonesia and Malaysia. 

As soon as we  booked our trip to Indonesia, we knew that this trip would be more than special. A first step in Asia that needed to be prepared thoroughly in order to appreciate every little bit of it. 

However, with all the preparation necessary, there is still one thing that it unpredictable, it is the connection with the locals. We were aware that in a such short amount of time, it would crucial to do our homework to prepare this shock of culture!

Here are some tips on how we prepared our trip to Indonesia 🙂

  • Learn the language to connect with people on a deeper level

Andrew and I liaised with the Indonesian community in Dublin during the event of Indonesia Day.  One thing leading to another, we met with Professor Gugun who was giving Bahasa Indonesia course for the beginners.

Andrew and I have decided to attend the Bahasa Indonesia course. It is a 5 weeks course when we could learn Bahasa Indonesia at the Dublin City University.

It appeared at a right time for us because we just find out the course 1 month and half before going to Indonesia. 

It was the perfect course as we needed to learn the language to connect with the locals. The course is held every Tuesday evening from 5pm to 6pm in city center. 

Every week, we will get different list of vocabulary to practice and by the second we were already able to make simple sentences in bahasa. During the course, we constantly practiced the pronunciation of the words to make sure we could be understandable to everyone.The class is very interactive  as after each learning we would gather to taste Indonesian food and exchange with Professor Gugun and the other students about Indonesian culture. 

I really recommend the Bahasa course to anyone as it really helped us to prepare our  trip to Indonesia. I hope that the course will run again next year so that we can deepen our knowledge about Bahasa Indonesia and culture. 

  • Contact the local entertainers 

To  make the best out of your experience, it is well known that preparation is the place to start. By contacting the local places, it will be way easier to start planning the trip beforehand! In our case, we contacted Ronald Bali Tours who took us for one day discovery of the wonders of Bali. We will talk deeply of the service provided by Ronald Bali Tours in a future article!


  • Prepare the nutrition – probiotics

Depending on everyone’s health, it is really recommended to prepare the body to a different environment meaning the food, the water and the temperature. 

The ideal behaviour would be to take probiotics to avoid any belly ache and support your body in the adaptation.

  • Work out to be in shape 

In this instance, we know that holidays usually means wearing shorts, swimsuits and sunscreen! It is definitely all these stuffs but not only. As an explorer, you have to be in good shape not only to look good but also to be able to explore the world as much as you can!

Hiking, trekking, rock climbing or zip lining  are activities that we love doing in the wild as we feel like we explore the nature as much as we can. 

Being in shape definitely helped us more than once to conquer our fears and go beyond our physical capacities.

  • Plan your trip just enough to leave a bit of spontaineity 

Indonesia and especially Bali are destinations where the traffic is heavy so being organized in the planning is a must. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to realize the distances or the life reality on the ground when we are not there. From our experience, we planned the trip just a little bit to be able to know to spot the areas we wanted to discover first and to book the experiences that were full of tourist so that we could make the best out of our time.

Hope this article helps you to figure out the simple easy steps to prepare a long trip away from home and to shift the fear to excitement! if this is still not enough, well here below you can find the teaser of our trip to Bali! It is full of good vibes and we are sure that it will suffice to make you start preparing your trip!

Let us know  how you like in the comment section below and stay in touch in the social media until our next article about things to do in Bali 🙂