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Hope you guys are all doing great since last time we posted! I hope you enjoyed the summer, took some time to explore a place of the world that you love and to rest while sucking up some sunshine! Summer is still not yet over for some that are still enjoying the last bit of sunshine, Beaches are now free from crowd, the historic temple lines are cleared, and airports are way more NAVIGABLE. Gosh, we love to travel out of high season, this is exactly the  reason why we decided to travel to Indonesia in June! The weather is amazing (to be honest, I am not even sure that bad weather exists there anyway) and we started by Bali as we could not go to Indonesia without going to Bali, before  heading to West Java! 

For this instance, we have a prepared the 10 must do that you can do in Bali! Let’s dive right into it 😀

  • Try the balinese coffee and luwak coffee and all the others teas

Alert to all the coffee aficionados & tea lovers –  and even those who not drink coffee or tea! In our case, Andrew is a tea lover while I love coffee very much; in every country we’ve visited we always try the coffee such as Ethiopia, Peru, Madagascar and now Indonesia! This is no secret that these countries are among the ones which grow the best coffee beans in the world. Depending on your taste, either a coffee strong to awake you or simply mild soft to tackle  your senses, the indonesian coffee will definitely have something in store for you! 

I found that the balinese coffee was quite mild and soft with a strong coffee taste, a beverage that I could drink every morning and start my day peacefully, the kind of coffee i will drink while I write this article from my desk or reading a book at the pool, the chilling kind of coffee where all my senses are awake but not rushing.  Whereas the luwak coffee is total different experience; the luwak is an adorable mangoose that ingest the cherry coffee beans that get fermented through the intestines and the beans are defecated by the animal are collected.

It sounds a bit gross but believe me the coffee is really delicious, it has a really strong taste and the luwak coffee is among the most expensive in the world because of this process.

  • Enjoy the rice terraces Tegalalang for real with Bali Tours 

As we all know Bali is a crowded island so for all the attractions very far from our place in Ubud so Andrew and I decided to on a guided tour of the island with Ronald Bali Tour guide. 

Ronald is just an amazing guide, he took us through the best places in Bali such as temples, Tegalalang rice terraces! it is beyond beautiful and so relaxing as the nature is amazing!

  • Visit Nusa Penida & Gili Islands 

Bali is one of the best beach spot, white sand beaches and crystal blue water surrounded by giant green cliffs are the usual at Diamond beach in Nusa beach and Gili Islands. These places are listed as the most beautiful places in Bali and you will understand why 🙂

  • Take a coconut oil making class 

If you follow us for some time, you should know that connecting with locals is a big thing for Andrew and I, if not the main thing to say the least. Everywhere we go we want to taste the local vibe as much as we can which means we’re preparing the trip and looking for activities that will teach us about the culture. This is where we found that about Cocoil Bali which a small business producing coconut natural products such as virgin coconut oil & skincare products with coconut. 

To enhance our experience, we decided to take the 3 hours class to learn how to make organic coconut oil! It was an amazing experience as our instructor Novi has such a kind personality, she is beyond knowledgeable on the subject and mostly she is a start up business so it felt great to support her activity.

  • Kecak Fire Dance in Uluwatu temple

Bali is well-known for her hindu culture and the many temples that an hindy island while the rest of Indonesia is muslim, therefore, the hindu temples are everywhere in Bali! Personally, we loved the architecture of the hindu temples, it was beyond the wood craving art was spectacular coupled with flower offerings! The kecak fire dance in Uluwatu Temple is traditional balinese dance replaying the story of the hindu epic poetry Ramayana, one of the sanskrit tale that is taught in Hinduism & Buddhism. A show that takes about 30 + dancers occurring in the Uluwatu giving its best view on the Indian Ocean. 

The show starts at sunset so it is also very beautiful and very spiritual.

  • Visit Hindu temples 

 There a lot of temples in Indonesia that will amaze you but in the bottom line it will be mostly up to you which one you would love to visit.

We mostly see Lempuyang temple as the go to temple but be aware that the queue to visit this temple can be as long as 2 hours waiting especially at the peak times such as sunset or sunrise. There is also a myth about Lempuyang temple we wanted to debunk…well there is no lake in front of Lempuyang temple. It is simply a mirror play with the camera that creates this optic illusion. Now that you know that you can’t be disappointed when you get to Lempuyang! 

On the other side, you can visit Besakih temple, also called the “Mother temple” and the biggest  hindu temple in Bali or Ulun Danu that is surrounded by water! 

Well you get it, if you love temples, you are in the right place.

  • Try Indonesian food as much as you can

Well, a big part of the indonesian culture is the food, Andrew and I love spicy flavoured dishes so we were over the moon. The least to say is that the food is organic so the taste of any fruit or dishes was tripled. Fresh Coconut water everyday and fruit platter were the rule. On top of that the variety of indonesian dishes make it easy for every diet, meat, vegetarian or vegan you will find your treat! A must try is definitely Nasi Goreng at Monkey Legend Ubud!

  • Venture into a volcano trek 

Depending on how adventurous you are, there is the possibility to hike to top of a volcano! Yep only that, there are two volacanoes Mount Batur or Mount Agung; the treks start early in the morning and last about 3 hours to be able to enjoy the sunrise at the top of the volcanoes! 

  • Surfing & aqua sports in Canggu 

In Bali, you can really experience all types of water sport from scuba diving to fishing via surfing, it is a water paradise!  Andrew went to surf several times to surf in Hawaii, Ireland and Indonesia.

He really enjoyed the experience, there are a lot of options when it comes to surfing so make sure to pick the best one such as  beach spot, lockers included,… etc And for those who simply want to enjoy the foodie experience, there are really tasty fried noodle platter on the beach, yummy!

  • Try a yoga class in your area

Not attending a class of yoga in Bali is like coming to Ireland and not experiencing a live music and traditional irish dance! 

Bali has become a hub for in South East Asia, from yoga retreats to a yoga on the beach the options to attend yoga class are limitless. 

As we had quite a packed agenda, we chose to stay in Ubud in the Parahita Ubud, a bungalow hotel that is giving free yoga class several times a week. It gave us the ability to attend yoga taught by a RYT in nature with our monkey friends! I absolutely loved it after a day wandering on the island to come to a challenging yoga class setting me up for a good night of sleep.

  • Experience the Holy Water temple 

I kept this one for the end as it is by far one of the best experience I had in Bali. The holy water temple is a purification ceremony held in Balinese temple to purify the body, mind and spirit using the water element as per a hindu ritual. I am meditating for few years now and I was eager to mediate in a sacred place such as a hindu water temple. 

It was definitely a blissful experience in natural place where I was able to discover a balinese ritual and connect with myself and the surroundings.

  • Enjoy a sunset evening dinner in Seminyak 

Bali is a sunset & sunrise paradise, it is just unreal to witness such beauty on a daily, except that it is real in Bali. Literally, you will find great view points everywhere but we decided to put under the spotlight, the area of Seminyak. 

This area is already well-known for party clubbers & the touristy area of the islands. So if you’re looking for a quiet evening, it is probably not the best area! However, if you’re looking for a romantic dinner on the beach watching the sunset drinking a lemon bintang while listening to a live band, that is the place to be!

You can sneak in the little colorful streets of Seminyak beach until you find the perfect spot to dine & watch the sunset! Highly recommended 🙂

Well, this is 12 must things to do or explore in Bali, hope you like this small guide.There is definitely more things to do and explore in Bali and we would love to come back! Feel absolutely free to share your best moments, places & activities you experienced in Bali in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you.

To summarize our experience, we shared a video of our trip so you can feel the vibe better 😀

Next time you’ll read us, we’ll take you to West Java so stay tuned !


Elodie & Andrew