Try the Bubble tea

The origin of Bubble Tea come from Taiwan in late 80’s, then came to China in the beginning of 90’s and became really popular around the world (especially in Chinatown areas). We first time tried bubble tea in Toronto, Canada. This drink is refreshing so perfect for warm days or if you don’t want to drink hot tea. There are 2 categories of bubble tea bases: herbal teas and milk teas. We are usually taking a herbal teas but if you have never tried the milk ones, give it a go you might like it. Both types of bubble teas come with the choice of green, black or oolong tea. Then you have the option to add ice or/and sugar. Last but not the least the tea is served with bubbles inside (hence the name bubble tea obviously 🙂 with different flavours. So delicious!

Walk around the streets

The city is a mix of high tech and traditional Chinese architecture. It’s really cool & super safe to walk around Guangzhou. You can walk around sky scrapers in the main street, but if you turn in some street, you can find the monument or traditional houses.

How about you Guys? Have you ever visited the city? Let us know your experience below.

Travel Tips:

  • If you want buy something or pay for in Guangzhou, download WeChat or Alipay (many places don’t accept payments by card)
  • Take some euro or dollars and exchange money at the airport (everyone accepts cash)
  • The ticket machine at the metro station doesn’t accept credit and debit cards (they accept cash or the pay apps above)
  • The ATM machine at the airport only allow have limited transactions (you cannot take max 20.000 CNY).