Hello FlyFam’,

We can’t believe how 2019 went so quickly and we could not start 2020 without reminding all our adventures! You’re probably thinking about our last trips and next ones and FlySoulmates plans for 2020.

Let’s deep dive into this ;).

As you remember we spent Xmas and NYE in Florida until January 2nd and when we came back, we worked on 2 videos.

One from South Florida and the second one from skydiving experience.

For Easter, we went to County Cork (Ireland), where we had a chance to visit Macroom buffalo cheese factory and do kayaking with K2 Kayaks. In May, Elodie went to Austria, where she visited Vienna, Salzburg and Hallstatt.

The first stop in Asia, was in China, where we had 12 hours layover in Guangzhou. The layover inspired us to write the post about things to do during stopover and we published our travel video from there.

From Bali we went to West Java, where we visited Bandung, Purwakarta and we spent time with the local communities.

Also, in West Java, we had the opportunity to blog and publish the travel video.

In August we went to Majorca and Ibiza, where we launched our first FlySoulmates caps (in pre orders only).

We also done our drone shoots (thank you Explore Majorca with me) and we worked on our YouTube channel.

In September, we decided to sit and write posts and also recharge the batteries before last 3 months in 2019. In October Andrew had unexpected trips to Moscow, Riga and Prague, where he had beer spa experience.

In the States, we stopped in Utah, where we had the honor to receive Infinity Blog Award in the best travel blog category.

During the event we met amazing people Cooleman Concierge, Mirth and Motivation and Culture Trekking. All together we decided to visit the Olympic Village one day after.

Our next stop was layover in Los Angeles, where I went to Venice Beach.

The last stop during trip to USA was San Francisco, where I had the opportunity to see live the president of USA Barack Obama to meet in a person Alicia Keys, Will.i.am and Mrs. London Breed, the mayor of San Francisco. She really liked our post about things to do in San Francisco. He also attended to the workshop how to integrate CRM with blogs.

What’s sounds like a busy year? It’s not over, because while Andrew’s trip in San Francisco, Elodie was discovering Midleton in county Cork.

Let’s summarise our year:

23 Trips,

3 continents

17 countries

15 posts on our Website

97 posts on our Instagram

104 posts on fanpage

48 tweets

6 FlySoulmates Logo around the world

9 Travel videos on our YouTube channels and over 1000 subs

Massive Thank you to all of you who helped us in the trips and people who we met during our journey, all of you who voted for Us during the competition and each of view, like, comment and share. That’s mean a lot for us.

What are the plan and vision of FlySoulmates for 2020?

–           Launch limited edition of FlySoulmates merch

–           Keep blogging and traveling

–           Develop FlySoulmates private tour package

Are you curious what we are planning for Christmas?

Right now, we are getting ready for the last trip in 2019 to Scotland. We are planning to visit Edinburgh and Glasgow. During the trip we will be recording our first vlog and travel video. Have you ever visited Scotland, have you some tips or would you like us to visit your place and include you to our trip? Feel free to contact us or share your experience in the comment section.