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It’s been while since we didn’t post anything on our website (except upcoming and past trips on the right), but doesn’t mean that we didn’t do anything. We’ve been active on our social media platforms. In January we published our 3 Vlogs from Christmas Break in Scotland on our YouTube channel. Have you seen it? If not, check out below.



In February Elodie went to India for one month and half. What she was doing there? You can see few pictures on our Instagram, but if you want know more, you need to wait for her post and Vlog (She promised to published soon, so stay tuned).

While Elodie was in India, I went to Los Angeles. I visited this city few times, but I never wrote anything about it. When I came back to Dublin, I shared what I was doing there to my friend Kobe. He asked me: Andrew why you don’t write what you’ve done there? Your trip will be a good itinerary for other people. Today during second day at home, I got the inspiration to do write that. How does a trip to LA look like for a solo guy traveler?


Venice Beach

Venice beach is a located within the urban region of western Los Angeles. From the airport it takes 20 – 30 mins drive (depending on the traffic). This time I decided to stay here. What you can see there at the beach except water and sand? Skateboards, longboards, B-boy shows, graffiti on the walls (graffitis are legal), shops, restaurants, local music everywhere and for sure a special vibe.

NBA Game

If you are or used to be a fan of NBA and don’t live in States, you must have on your list to attend a NBA game. Each time, when I was in the US, there was NBA strike, break or no game in the city where I’ve been. This time I was lucky and went for the LA Lakers vs Phoenix Suns game. The atmosphere was amazing. It was not easy to get tickets (the match was sold out), but I managed to get it. In the end LA Lakers won #lakershow.

God’s Gym and workout with Arnold

Alright, let me share a bit of privacy. Everyone has some hero from childhood. My childhood hero is Arnold Schwarzenegger and before I went to LA, I’ve watched the latest video of him talking about his healthy lifestyle. Check out below.

After I purchased the ticket and booked the accommodation, I figured out that the gym which Arnold is talking about in the video above is located just 8 minutes walk from where I stayed. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to do workout with former body builder in the morning. I woke up at 6 am, took a shower, had a light breakfast and went straight to the gym.

After filling in the form, I entered to the gym. After the warm up, I started do the exercises and what? I spotted Mr. Arnold with 5 other guys. I started do the second series on the butterfly machine and one of the guys who was with the former governor of California came to me and asked how many reps left. I offered him to join me and we started have a chat during the workout. 2 minutes later who came to us and joined to our workout Mr. Schwarzenegger. After the workout together, I took the picture with him, I said thank you for workout together, amazing conversation and in the end, I said: I’ll be back.


I visited many places where Hip – Hop culture began like Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem in New York, Saint Denis in Paris etc, but I never had a chance to visit Compton. After the movie “Straight Outta Compton’’ my desire to go there was even bigger. 4 years ago, unfortunately I didn’t go there, when I was here with Elodie (the neighbourhood was closed). This time I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

I woke up in the morning and I drove the car there. First stop where I stopped was the Swap-meet where 2pac was shooting the video “To Live and Die in LA”.

Second stop during my journey was a house of Eazy-E, where he grew up and where NWA was recording his first album. Did you know that Eric’s parents still live there?


Cannabis Café US

Few months ago, Elodie tagged me under the video about this place. The place is the first cannabis café opened in USA.

Cannabis Café is offering different drinks (cold and warm) and food. All products which you order have hemp ingredient. In the restaurant you are also allowed to smoke cannabis, but only inside the restaurant.

You have a separate menu with different kind of weed. I ordered burger hemp, veggies and frites. Was really delicious.

Venice Canals

If you are tired of beach vibe of Venice beach and you are looking some alternatives around the neighbourhood, the place is for sure for you.

I decided to visit this place in the afternoon. The Canals has been built in 1905 by Abbot Kinney. The place has so many places to walk, take a seat, chill and of course remind a bit of Venice in Italy.

Hollywood sign

One of the top tourist attractions in Los Angeles. Each letter is 13.7 meters tall and whole word is almost 107 meters long.  Where is the best place to take a picture with the sign behind? That’s really good question, depends if you want many people behind you or not. I took the picture like that.

Santa Monica

This place is located next to Venice beach.

The remain popular attractions are Pacific Park and Santa Monica Pier. Except those attractions you can find many shops, restaurants etc. This time I went to Santa Monica Pier. The place reminds me a bit of pier in Brighton, but it’s bigger (like almost everything here in the US). At the Pier you can find so many musicians, street performances etc.

Grey yard of Marilyn Monroe and Chef Hefner

Never forget about the people who died. Not far from Santa Monica is the cemetery where you can find Marilyn Monroe and Chef Hefner graves. Because I was not far away, I decided to go there and pay a tribute to them.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Each time when I travel, I like to see and visit place where I can learn about history. That’s why I decided to visit Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

The museum is offering several exhibitions indoor and outdoor. It took me almost one full day to visit exhibitions like stones sections, ceramic etc. My favourite was section about dinosaurs.

I hope that my itinerary was helpful. Feel free to use it t as travel solo guy. Probably you would like to ask me which one of the points was my favourite, let me answer of that. Actually, I had few. First, the workout with Arnold Schwarzenegger and conversation with him. I didn’t expect that I’ll do workout with him. Second one is the NBA game. Still I could feel the situation after Kobe Bryant helicopter crash. Third one is the visit to Compton. If you are fan of west coast hip – hop music this visit is definitely for you. How about you guys? Which places in LA do you recommend to visit? Let me know your recommendations in the comment section.

Travel Tips:

  • If are you coming to LA remember is mandatory to rent a car. You have many car rentals at the airport (If you are not driving, use Uber)
  • Cannabis Café during the weekend is busy, so please book a table online
  • NBA games are on also during week, so if you decide to attend, check the calendar and purchase tickets online in advance