Chillixhotel- interview & review

The tourist season is already beginning, despite the fact that the borders are still closed in Ireland, we began to look for unusual hotels, where you can rest in a different way than standard hotels in Europe. This is how we came across the first facility in Poland, a love hotel called chillixhotel located 8 km from the center of Gdańsk. It is a large project and has a lot to offer. ChillixHotel is, however, ultimately a chain of hotels that are focused on a customer who is not a fanatic of sightseeing or looking for accommodation in a dome hotel, this is a typical facility created for couples, there are zones in which lovers can really feel prestigious. Everything done in a style that is not known to us from the Polish erotic climate. The first object that is available to guests is a facility with an area of ​​over 400 square meters. Inside of hotel there is a bar, dance and party area, there are erotic zones stylized in specific climates. The property is also very diverse, here you will find something for both party people and a good marriage celebrating their wedding anniversary. We decided to call the hotel and get more info about this place and the plans. We were able to talk to Adam, one who’s idea was to create ChillixHotel. He told us not only this place, but also he  introduced a new classification in the hotel industry by adding a sixth devil star to the general classification. We strive to create a luxurious and at the same time entertaining place. Our hotel can book room for two people but the object can be prepared to accommodate more people. We also have various types of party packages.

Currently, in our hotel we had a series of first guests, but on July 3 and 4 it is the date of our official opening. Told us Adam. The whole of our conversation can be found below.

1. Where does the business idea come from?

An idea for a business is a very complex question, so many people are part of the project that so many answers to this question can be given. As we talked during our initial conversations, I am only the originator, however, many ideas and hearts have been put by other people. It should be remembered that the chillixhotel project does not stand alone, I would call the basic project chillix events, i.e. events that will take place at the chillixhotel at the moment. So basically, the idea for chillixhotel was a bit of a tool for chillix events, which is even more fun at this tree of ideas and products, and I am not afraid that by answering this question I will answer all the questions you have prepared. When it comes to chillixhotel and a clean business concept. Tourism is very extensive today. There are more beds and types of tourist facilities in Poland. The tourist is bored spending the night in a boring hotel. I want a choice, we need a different kind of object when we change trains at the airport, when we want to go sightseeing and another when we want to spend anniversaries with a loved one or to party, we’ve created an object more for the last two groups.

2. What did you inspire in creating the chillixhotel?

Are we definitely inspired? Our team includes people from many industries, everyone who creates something likes to draw inspiration. Whether it’s about concepts or about making ideas, visions. Interestingly, a lot of ideas for our facility were selected by surveys of people say from the chillixHotel club, so the facility is full of inspiration of fantasies and dreams 🙂


3. What makes you different from other places?

When we created the account on, the system of this site generated for the first time in Poland the classification of the hotel “love hotel”, this is probably the answer. We are alone in it for a few million bookings offers.

4 What about the events organised by you ?

Hmm, our events are not a commercial project to advertise too much. These events are closed events and are not for people outside the club.

5 When is the official opening of the hotel and what are your plans for it? 

Although ChilliX already had its first guests, it is only the official opening before us. The weekend from July 3 is our official opening, we focus on these events is our current priority. As for plans for chillixhotel, we definitely want to open more places of this type, we want to create a pair of types of objects of this type. At the beginning we want to open a very similar object in another part of Poland.

6. And what about other projects? Mine as the originator of these projects, the most important basic project at the moment is still a secret and I can’t really talk about it. ChilliXHotel is ready and my processing capacity is now going towards that project.

7. What influences your projects? hmm hard question our team is very talented people who have joined the vision of doing something crazy. Our team has people who have previously dealt with programming, running hotels, recording music videos, running restaurants. organization of events and many other industries. Each of us has some experience that ultimately affects our projects.

8 Is it possible to expect new erotic corporation from you in the near future?

ChilliXHotel is new, our events will also be new, any projects we are currently launching are new and the most pleasant is that we have more aces in the deck than the rules when they propose so it can be interesting.

9 We understand that this corpo is your goal?

We want to implement our but also the ideas of our members. Is the status of an erotic corporation our goal? At this moment, we are happy with the status of “the first such facility in Poland”

10 Does such a venue like ChilliXHotel have high level service?

We try during our internal meetings, trainings – service in our facility is called the service of a six-star hotel. We have added an extra devil star to the hotel classification and this obliges us to maintain a very high standard of service;]

11 Do you have experience or education related to tourism?

Yes, I even have a master’s degree in tourism and hotel industry, but many inspirations, many ideas, many dreams and fantasies in this project are not my visions and here are a nod to many people who create our spicy projects :).

Thank you for the interview and we invite our readers to visit your hotel. Also on our part, as soon as they open the border we will go to your hotel and make a special Vlog about this place.