Hi Guys, welcome to our page! We are FlySoulmates, Andrew and Elodie, a mixed couple from Poland & Madagascar who lives to travel.

The whole story started when once upon a time, we were told to study hard, graduate and get a good well-paid job, and you will succeed! That’s what they used to say… We followed exactly the steps of this plan but down the road, we were forced to realize that something was missing.

So slowly, we started to travel to escape our daily routine, 1 week , 2 weeks here and there, these short getaways felt so good, but coming back to the routine became harder and harder.

After a deep introspection and several trips abroad (yes, travel helps the seekers too ), we figured out that our energy was meant to serve another purpose. Now that we can see crystal clear, we can’t imagine our life without the thrill of travel.

From the big metropolitans to the wild jungle, from backpacking to luxury travel, we visited over 355 cities, 45 countries and 7 continents. The world has become our playground.

Through our blog, we will share our story, our passion, to inspire you to book a ticket and dare to live your dream.

Our mission is also to create a community of love and sharing to support local cultures and businesses. We are all FlySoulmates.

Amazement is just a doorstep away from you, take that leap and fly!